Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elvis Costello, Palais Theatre, St Kilda 10th October 2009

I realised upon entering this concert that I was one of the youngest members of the audience, barring the young children who were dragged there by their parents because it was probably cheaper than paying a babysitter on a saturday night. Elvis Costello and the Attractions were kicking it before I was even born and not being that familiar with his other work, I didn't know what to expect for a solo performance.

The crowd were neat and polite. The seasoned entertainer stood on the stage with an array of guitars and intricate foot pedals surrounding him.

Costello has a fantastic voice. One that could be heard thoughout the entire theatre without amplification. He played many of his famous songs including "She", "Veronica", "Watching the Detectives". "Good year for the roses" was one of the shining songs of the set which was well rounded by "What's so funny about peace love and understanding?"

Another celebration for music lovers. Thanks Elvis.

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