Monday, June 20, 2011


So this is infinity of infinity-plus-one nightshift cycle. The insanity is creeping up on me in the form of a pesky mosquito that WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. Thank you, Jessica and Heather for your wonderdrug that is gofugyourself - where the crazy is all over everyone else and I can have a giggle and perspective re-set of a night-time.

I am very excited that your new "young adult novel" also expresses the title in funt! cerebral e may well approve, I hope. Speaking of which, how the hell are you, lady? Shall we stage a reading of this literary gem together sometime soon, when we are both in the same room?

Seriously, I was ready to run outside and jump in front of a car just to make this shift less painful, until discovering the new outbreak of "rompaloonacy", at which point I realised, my life really could be worse.

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