Friday, May 18, 2012

Lady Gregg or Old Gaga?

I have bad brain wiring that makes my brain link songs together and I will often inappropriately belt out the chorus of a completely unrelated song at the end of the original song's verse, confusing all around me.

In this instance though, I think it stands to reason... allow me to explain, with the use of diagrams...

I have travelled a very wide spectrum with Lady Gaga - initially I just thought she was an annoying pop culture thingy for the youngsters, then I began to understand her to be genuinely making a lot of effort as a performance artist, and now I understand her to be a living, breathing audiovisual art installation I seem to have embraced her. To the point of purchasing her album "The Fame". The second I heard the chorus of "Love Game", I immediately started doing an analogue mashup, bursting into the chorus of the Old Gregg/Howard Moon classic "Do you love me?".

Now, an experiment, if you will. If you are not familiar with either reference, might I suggest you listen to the two songs in reverse order, starting with the Mighty Boosh song "Do You Love Me?", and then and only then, listening to the Lady Gaga song "Love Game". Now, having both videos loaded up, cue "Do You Love Me?" to 0:16. Play "Love Game" to about 1:14, stop and play "Do You Love Me?" and tell me you can't see what my brain was doing there.

In fact, in the googling required for this post, I have discovered that a few people have already made this connection, and have done some mashups of their own.

I don't mind them, but I have a feeling I might one day take this a little step further and attempt an acoustic mashup of my own... stay tuned... and let me know which stage name I should use of the two titular options above.

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